Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee of St. Paul’s Church functions to serve nonprofit organizations.  Its vision is to share God’s Grace with those in need in Williamson County. The mission of the Outreach Committee is to embrace community services in Williamson County dedicated to encouraging and advancing development in all people towards their fullest potential, and it is the intent of the committee to assist our church community in sharing God’s grace outward into our wider community, participating, donating and encouraging people and the organizations addressing their needs. We intend to promote existing initiatives in our church and continue the conversation within our church community on what we can do for our neighbors in the fulfillment of our Christian duty.

With financial support from the Women of St. Paul’s, the Men of St. Paul’s and the church’s annual budget, this committee has been able to assist many non-profit organizations in Williamson County.

This committee meets the third Tuesday of each month and is always eager to learn from church members about groups in Williamson County that can use this church’s extra hand up. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about organizations, please contact Monna Mayhall monna@stpaulsfranklin.com or any other members on the committee: Will Boggs, Jim Miller, Sheila Morreale, Judy Stockton, Fred Warner (Chair), Spencer Dibble, and Pam Horne.

To learn more about the organizations we have assisted, go to our Outreach Community Partners on our website.