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Our Doors Are Always Open

Welcome to St. Paul’s

Everyone — whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey — is welcome at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

We are open and welcoming of all regardless of your age, health, education, ethnic or regional background, gender, sexual identity or orientation and no matter what your religious or secular background.

Our doors are always open.

Walk In Love

Walk In Love Event

Walk in Love is an annual pilgrimage that seeks the Beloved Community by resisting systemic violence and racism through education, coalition building, and ritual. We walk in love to honor those who practice nonviolence as a form of love in action and to sustain the commitment to social justice work in our city. Love takes a stand for justice.

Walk in Love annually commemorates the bombing of Z. Alexander Looby’s home in North Nashville. It is observed on April 19, the day of the bombing in 1960. Mr. Looby was a lawyer that took desegregation cases in the courts, and was thereby a target of violence.

How To Participate:

Gather with others via Zoom for a reading of the Looby Litany at one of these times:

  • Noon (register here)
  • 7 pm (register here) includes a “meet and greet” (in Zoom breakout rooms) to meet members of the Beloved Community Commission

Walk the route of the historical march (map and materials available)

Meditate on the story of Z Alexander Looby (includes prayer, learning, and questions for reflection) with this guide.

If you, your family or a group makes the historic walk, we would love a photo or short reflection/quote to help us mark this year’s celebration. It can be emailed to belovedcommunity.edtn@gmail.com.

Worship With Us

Sunday Eucharist

Weekly Morning Prayer and Compline

Sunday Morning Eucharist

8:00 am (Reservation Required)

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6:00 pm (Reservation Required)

No 6:00 pm Service on Easter

Sunday Morning Bulletin

Morning Prayer

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings:
9:00 am  Virtual Morning Prayer Facebook Link

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Watch video here to learn how to lead Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer Bulletins:

Morning Prayer Bulletin for 4/19

Morning Prayer Bulletin for 4/21

Morning Prayer Bulletin for 4/23


Sunday through Friday Evenings:
9:00 pm Virtual Compline or New Zealand Night Prayers Facebook Link

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Compline and Night Prayer Bulletins:

BCP Compline Bulletin

New Zealand Night Prayer Bulletin

Compline from the Iona Community

Enriching our Worship Evening Prayer


Upper Zooms

The Upper Room was a place where Jesus gathered with his disciples. Before his death, it was a place where he washed their feet, served them a supper, and shared his innermost thoughts with them. After his death, it was a place where his disciples continued to gather, out of safety, but also out of comfort. After his resurrection, he appeared to them in the Upper Room offering that peace and comfort they longed for.

At St. Paul’s, we continue to follow CDC guidelines of staying safe in this Pandemic, which means we cannot all gather together in a Room, but we can gather together on a Zoom. We can gather in Upper Zooms – in small groups where God’s presence among us has the power to transform lives. When we learn together, share our stories with one another, explore scripture and ask questions, pray for each other, or laugh and find joy together, God is at work.

After Easter, we will offer a variety of small groups all via Zoom, as a way to strengthen our connection with one another, and with God. Everyone is invited to join an Upper Zoom–and bring your friends. The small groups will meet weekly for 4-6 sessions beginning the week after Easter, April 5. Here is a listing of the small groups that will be offered. The signups and Zoom links are below each class. Thank you to our amazing facilitators for their time and commitment to lead these Upper Zooms.

If you have any questions, please contact Monna at monna@stpaulsfranklin.com.

Statue of St. Francis in garden

A Franciscan Way

Over the course of four weeks, we will explore a Franciscan Way, focusing on a different aspect each week.

  • Session 1 – The WAY through Meditation
  • Session 2 – Privilege to Poverty
  • Session 3 – Fold the Wings of the Mind to enter Heart through a “Rule of Life”
  • Session 4 – Beyond the Birdbath through Meditation

Offered by Gerald Hancock on Monday evenings at 5:30 pm beginning April 5.

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Sacredness of Trauma

Churches are full of the “walking wounded.” We bring our histories when we come to the church, and across our life in it we experience other tragedies, overwhelming experiences, and trauma of all sorts. In this program, delivered to churches in Minneapolis, Muskegon, and Maine, we explore these questions:

1. What is trauma and what is trauma “not”?
2. How does trauma get transmitted from generation to generation?
3. Where do trauma and our faith history intersect?
4. How does the holy help us heal?
5. What makes trauma “contagious”?

Finally, we’ll look at how trauma shows up in congregational life and redemptive processes everyone can engage in.

Offered by Elizabeth Power on Monday evenings at 7:05 pm beginning April 5.

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Cover of Sacred Rhythms

Finding your Rhythm

Using the book Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton, we will explore spiritual practices to help us weave Sacred moments into our everyday lives, and experience God’s transformational Love on any ordinary day.

Offered by Mishelle Phillips and Katie Faulkner on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-10:00 am beginning April 6

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Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

Spend some time continuing to dig deeper into scripture and “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark,” a bible study led by Adam Dawkins, Seminarian assigned to St. Paul’s. This study started February 18, but it is not too late to explore the Gospel of Mark.

Offered by Adam Dawkins on Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm currently and continuing after Easter.

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blank piece of paper with colored pencils and light bulb

It’s Never Too Late to Create

Learn how to tap into your God-given creativity. All humans create, but not all humans are destined for the art gallery, the stage, or the best-seller list. No matter–simply using our creativity helps us connect with more deeply with ourselves, with others, and even with God.

Offered by Jennifer Alvey on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning April 8

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Open journal with pen

Journaling in Times Like These

Journaling in times like these, in a pandemic, can help not only with recording these strange times for future generations, but can serve as a conduit for processing thoughts, and sharing stories. Each week you will be invited to write from prompts that will be sent ahead of time.

Offered by Peggy Macpherson on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 pm beginning April 18

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The Epistle Newsletter and Events

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St. Paul’s In The News

St. Paul’s was featured on Nashville’s News Channel 5 celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Reconsecration of St. Paul’s.