Creative Kids

  CREATIVE KIDS 2017 To Infinity and Beyond: The Artistic Frontier JULY  10-14 Required Registration: Creative Kids 2017 Brochure Monday, July 10 Nebula Nightlights and Celestial Kaleidoscopes Tuesday, July 11 Starscape Art and Pool Noodle Rockets Wednesday, July 12 Planetary Cookies and Super Kid Jet Packs Celestial Hair Gems Thursday, July 13 Solar Eclipse Viewers and…

Week of Wonder

  God’s Word comes alive as families enjoy traditional Bible-times customs, occupations, food, and even games! 2018 W.O.W. Registration link: Come join us as we explore a different place and time in the Bible. Entrance includes: T-shirt, Awesome Bible Adventures, Delicious Snacks, Incredible Crafts, Tons of Fun, and much more!