Seekers Class – Anglican Essentials

Class #4

The Sacraments

The Episcopal Church Has Two Sacraments and Five Sacramental Rites


1. Eucharist
2. Baptism

Sacramental Rites

1. Confirmation
2. Ordination
3. Holy Matrimony
4. Reconciliation of the Penitent
5. Unction

A Sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.

Three elements make up a sacrament

1. Matter
2. Symbolic Reality or Mystery
3. Effect

Thomas Aquinas originally set up the 7 as sacraments. To him, they all were instituted by Christ. The 39 Articles changed the number down to two, as necessary for all Christians.


Baptism- The full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church.

Eucharist- Meaning “Thanksgiving”—It is the supreme act of Christian worship and the central act of our liturgy.

Sacramental Rites

Confirmation- A mature expression of our commitment to Christ. It calls and equips us for ministry.

Ordination- The authority and grace given by God to certain leaders of the church. We are all a priesthood of believers.

Matrimony- Makes vows before God and the Church and receives a blessing from the priest or bishop. It’s for mutual joy, help and comfort, and for kids (God willing).

Reconciliation of the Penitent- Confessing sins in the presence of a priest. It’s the continuing forgiveness of God’s will for us and the gift of renewal.

Unction- The healing of body mind and spirit by oil or laying on of hands.