The 11th Annual St. Paul’s Wedding at Cana will be held on Friday, May 17th, 2019 in Otey Hall, beginning at 630 pm. At our Wedding, instead of turning water into wine, as in Jesus’ first miracle, this event helps turn wine into water.

The worldwide need for clean drinking water, especially among children in the first three years of life, is more urgent now than at any time in history. You, the people of St. Paul’s, have been incredibly generous in supporting access to clean water by those who need it most. The positive economic and health impact of the access you have created by supporting the Wedding at Cana has been profound. Over the past ten years, our congregation has forwarded over $55,000 to Episcopal Relief & Development. Last year, the $15,000 we sent was matched, generating an aggregate donation of $30,000! This year, our Cana event once more falls in a gift-matching window, so we again have the chance to double our impact. I will explain at the event exactly how this occurs, and how our gifts, and matching funds, will be used.

We have fun too: St. Paul’s Cana event is a wine (and beer!) and appetizer event where admission is free, and the wine and beer are donated. Attendees are invited, as hey are able, to bring an appetizer sufficient to serve approximately 10-20 people. Again this year, appetizers will not be judged. Door prizes will instead be given away through a draw. Anyone who brings an appetizer, or makes a donation at the event, will be eligible. And yes, if you bring an appetizer AND make a donation, you will receive TWO opportunities to win a prize!

Paul Deepan

Network Coordinator (Tennessee) Episcopal Relief & Development

615-417-0218 |


p.s. Should you be unable to attend the event live, but still wish to participate financially, the donation window will remain open until Memorial Day. This will permit us to double our impact by taking advantage of the Spring Matching Window currently being offered by Episcopal Relief & Development. To do this, simply write a check made out to St. Paul’s, with “Wedding at Cana” in the memo line, and either place in the collection plate or drop off at the office on or prior to Sunday May 26th. That way, you’ll be able to help us maximize our contribution.