Join our VBS team for five weeks as we encounter people just like us who find God in unexpected places! Each registration comes with a camp t-shirt and a supply box with almost everything you’ll need to complete crafts and activities from home. You’ll stop by the church this Sunday, June 14th to pick up your supply box.

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Week 1, Day 1

Welcome to our first day of camp! Listen to the story of Jacob and how he was comforted in a time he felt like he was alone. I wonder if you’ve ever felt alone or unsure? I wonder what you do when you feel like this? And I wonder who you know that brings you comfort? Talk about these things with your family, and if you want to share your stories, email them to 

Week 1, Day 2

Welcome to Day Two! Yesterday we heard Joseph’s story and the great news that God is with us wherever we go! Today our campers are going to hear a bedtime story about someone who sees the Spirit of God in the people around him. I wonder if you ever see the Spirt of God at work in the people you know? Do you know someone who is kind? Helpful? Patient? Gives you Joy? Pay close attention to the people around you today. See if you can find God’s Spirit at work in them!

Also, take Flat Jesus with you today and wherever you go this summer! If you go to a place where you feel close to God, snap a picture of Flat Jesus there! If you find God at work in the people you know, snap a picture of Flat Jesus with them, too! Share them with us by sending them to or if a grown up posts them on Social Media, remind them to use the hashtag #summerwithstpauls. 

Week 1, Day 3

On Monday, we heard the story of Jacob’s dream that brought him comfort when he felt alone. Sometimes our dreams can be scary, though. What do you do when you have a scary dream? Have you paid attention to the people and places that bring you comfort these last few days? What did you discover? Today, Maddie is going to show us how to make a dream catcher. I hope it will remind you that God is always with you!

Week 1, Day 4

This week we have talked a lot about how God is with us ALL the time and everywhere we go. We have tried to listen and pay attention to places and people that make us feel close to God. This is sometimes hard work! It requires us to slow down a bit and really pay attention to things that might happen so much that we don’t really notice them anymore. In today’s Movement session, Laura will lead us in Yoga. Yoga is a great way to slow down and really focus on what’s happening right now. As you move through your Yoga session today, what do you notice? Is it easy or difficult to block out everything else and just focus on your breathing and movement of your body? See if you can take this with you through the weekend. Take time to breathe and notice…see if you can find God with you…and don’t forget to take Flat Jesus and snap a picture!

Week 2, Day 1

Hey Everybody! This is the day we had planned to begin our Week of Wonder here at St. Paul’s, but because of the Pandemic, we are entering week 2 of our Virtual VBS. Even though this is a new way of participating in VBS, we know that God is still with us! Join Abraham and Sarah this week as they set out into the unknown to see if God will be in each of the new places they go!

Week 2, Day 2

When Abraham and Sarah left home and discovered that God was still with them, they would build an altar to give thanks to God and to show that God was was there. Join Monna at our St. Paul’s altar and get some ideas about making an altar right inside your home!

Week 2, Day 3

It’s Craft Day! Join Maddie as she shows us how to make a Beaded Cross. You can use it on your home altar, or put it in your backpack or somewhere that travels with you wherever you go…just like God’s Love!