Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee Outreach Project) is a summer youth mission trip to Grundy County, Tennessee. Adults also attend to support and supervise the youth. Mountain TOP blends traditional summer youth camp (games, meals, cabins, community, worship, and free time) with a working missions trip focused on helping folks with construction projects, household chores, and day care.

Mountain TOP provides the youth with an incredible experience of serving others and experiencing Christian community.

2018 Mountain Top Registration Form (Due April 3rd)

If you would prefer a telephone call please provide a contact number.
Please indicate adult or child with size as well.
Our St. Paul\'s Youth Scholarship Fund was created and is sustained to help with activities like Mountain Top. You can let us know here or later on if you anticipate Financial Aid might be needed. Please don\'t let money be a barrier for this experience, we can help!

Carl Freeman