Bishop’s Visit

The Bishop will be making his annual visit on Sunday, March 31. He will preach and celebrate at the 7:30 and 8:45 services. We will have Christian Formation with the Bishop in Founders Hall beginning at 10 AM. Confirmation will take place at the 11:00 AM service, immediately followed by a reception in Founders Hall.

The Maker’s Table

Group Mentor: Jennifer Alvey ( Meets: Every Tuesday, 11:30 am in the Ann Van Dervoort Library   Each week we explore or revisit new avenues of artistic creativity. Our motto is, “Fun is required, perfection is not.”

Social Graces

Social Graces is a ministry planned with older adult parishioners in mind but parishioners of all ages are welcome. The goal each quarter is to have a luncheon meeting/presentation at St Paul’s, a social event or outing away from St Paul’s and an outreach/volunteer ministry event. If you have suggestions for topics or activities or if…

Bad Girls Book Club

The “Bad Girls Book Club” meets in Founder’s Hall on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8:00 pm …. unless announced otherwise. We’re not formal, we don’t do book reports, but we do enjoy a time of good fellowship, engaging discussion and good food! Everyone brings an appetizer-type snack or sweet and/or some…

Dinner Groups

There are three types of Dinner Groups at St. Paul’s: 1. Regular dinner groups . . . a random mixture of folks taking turns hosting the dinners in their homes. The host/hostess provides the entrée and folks bring “pot luck” dishes. 2. People interested in going out to dinner in area restaurants rather than meeting in…